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The electrical wiring in your vehicle connects all the devices together so your vehicles features, such as radio, wipers, air con, lights etc all work. Its a complex design and with one wrong or bad wire connection it can cause problems with in your vehicle.

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Being the leaders in the industry for over 40 years. You can trust workmanship and quality of our services for your vehicle. We are proud family run business who live and breathe automotive.

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Electrical Wiring

Without electrical wiring your vehicle wouldn’t run. These days the electrical components are operating every little section. One loose wire and something doesn’t work. Have you ever noticed a glitch in your system or lagging in the operation. This could be an electrical fault.

  • Electric window stopped working?
  • Radio not playing music anymore?
  • No head lights?
How We Work

Bring your vehicle in to the workshop. One of our trusted employees will have a look and evaluate the problem. We will tell you the problem and how we can fix it. Quote you a price. Once given the go ahead, we will have you back on the road.

  • Identify the issue.
  • Quote price.
  • Repair replace or upgrade.
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