Brakes - The Most Important Part

If you want to slow down and actually stop driving your vehicle. You need brakes! They are the most important safety feature. Brakes that aren’t well maintained and regularly inspected can let you down when you need them most. Resulting in serious accidents.

Commonly known as ABS, or sometimes anti-skid braking systems, anti-lock braking systems help prevent car and motorcycle wheels locking up and improve steering control whilst braking.

According to the NHTSA

“Anti-lock braking systems works with your regular braking system by automatically pumping them. In vehicles not equipped with ABS, the driver has to manually pump the brakes to prevent wheel lockup. Vehicles equipped with ABS, your foot should remain firmly planted on the brake pedal, while ABS pumps the brakes for you so you can concentrate on steering to safety.”

In 2004 an Australian study by Monash University Accident Research found that Anti-lock braking systems:

  • 1. Reduced the risk of multiple vehicle crashes by 18%
  • 2. Increased the risk of run-off-road crashes by 35%
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